Integration of Explainer Video Services surveillance telecom value-added service programs – communications industry

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Current video surveillance from traditional security monitoring to management control, production monitoring and home monitoring aspects of business development. At the same time the Internet as well as the rapid development of broadband network technology, the existing broadband network has had the opportunity to meet the needs of various user video surveillance, video surveillance business makes a tremendous probability of development. China Telecom Launched the Global Eye video surveillance project.

And the promotion of 1 year probation period, the provinces have also designed number of cases of telecommunications. The main target customers are mostly businesses, business premises, road traffic, the EPA, the Public Security Bureau, banks because units. As for the large demand for the ordinary civilian level users, pertaining to example home monitoring, kindergartens, schools, small and medium enterprises, chain stores, supermarkets, and thus.,

then the world’s eyes seem costly, difficult in order to become accepted by ordinary you. With the rapid development of the global broadband market, while the major operators have vigorously promote broadband applications, on the opposite hand in recent years to further reduce the asking price of broadband use has end up being the starting line with everyone, making broadband Application of rapid spread.

Therefore, best explainer video companies for remote video surveillance has become a more extensive needs. Demand from the market point of view, network video monitoring of business trends in highend demand is relatively stable, individuals lowend demand is strong. Therefore, the carriers can make use of existing large customer base, improved telecommunications network platform and users trust, and stability by creating an audio for ordinary users of video surveillance systems entice more ordinary civilianlevel customer will be an important opportunities to expand their business.

Integrated Video Surveillance System Integrated network video monitoring system is a good letter, Shenzhen Information Technology Co., Ltd. Judging by years of experience in video surveillance program and a regarding telecom operators, video maker Cooperation Experience and close experience the telecom company needs and business video surveillance carried out model, designed for telecom operators, together with set of user applications, business management, business operations management capabilities in one multisystem operators to manage the integration in a position to video surveillance product.

Designed to facilitate the rapid employing ordinary users, opening and deployment, to meet the ordinary broadband users demand for video surveillance development, while promoting the telecom operators to grow video surveillance operation. Users can control IE browser anytime, anywhere access to information, control terminal condition, custom alarm mode, and users hardly understand professional knowledge, n accessible.