Glazing Maintenance And Other Jobs on Housing Groups List

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Glazing maintenance is just one of the jobs a housing group is carrying out on a number of homes in the Tyneside area.Glazing refurbishment has been overseen by the Arms Length Management Organisation (ALMO) which manages homes owned by South Tyneside Council.Alongside the glazing maintenance which has seen more than 3000 homes having double glazing installed, the group has also overseen work to have 700 new roofs fitted.This is all part of the larger vision for the group that wants to bring more than 4000 homes up to the Government’s Decent Homes level.Thanks to the dedication of partner groups which include Frank Haslam Milan, Dunelm and Gentoo, the ALMO seems to be well on its way to achieving its vision- “Working together to make South Tyneside the place people are proud to call home.”

Almost Replacement windows in Manchester has been invested into the project and director of Investment, Mark Whittle claims it is very unique from other projects going on up and down the country.Speaking to local newspaper The Journal, he said: “It is one of the largest and most ambitious schemes of its type in the country.”He also states that almost 2000 other ‘non-traditional’ homes may benefit from improvements such as new kitchens and bathrooms being fitted, the roof and guttering being repaired and the house being rewired.The company is also involved in building four bungalows designed for older people to live in and it is also very dedicated to young people in the area as it offers an apprentice programme. This has even seen the group win the Large Apprenticeship Employer of the Year Award at the CLASS Awards 2010.Seven new apprentices started work through the programme in September and this will see them learns skills in a number of different trades.

Consumers therefore have a very high level of protection in place and can be secure in the knowledge that they are using an installer that the ombudsman is satisfied has a proper level of competence and adequate administration procedures.Accredited members are drawn from the ranks of the many thousands of installers who currently operate in the sector. They can be from all parts of the UK to include England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. Accredited Installers must satisfy the ombudsman administrators of their high standards of quality, ethics, professionalism and ongoing customer satisfaction. Accredited Installers will have a proven track record within the industry, provide many customer references, subject themselves to ongoing vetting and provide guarantees to match the best in the industry.