About Free E-books And Scams – Tired Exhausted And Ultimately Useless Tricks

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With the abundance of marketers asking readers to opt in and get a Free e-book, the once useful technique has reached a degree of exhaustion and no longer serves a marketing characteristic.

In particular I’d prefer to comment on the offer of free books, that is now a turn off because this technique is a sham-an entrapment. Here are my reasons:

No quality control

Most of the free e-books you get are incredibly inferior in quality that are rather more laughable than pitiful. For the most they are badly written, grammatically atrocious, disjointed, and tedious. But what is worse is that often they give you deliberate misleading information.

No new knowledge

Not only is content material they offer ‘old news’ but also useless. For example, if you obtain an offer to receive an e-book that will let you know that to get 4,860 visits to your sight within 48 hours, the tired nugget of information to get is that you strengthen your site for SEO, that you write articles for e-zines, that you should look for links, etc. You get nothing really new or creative-only platitudes.

Bait and switch

As soon as you opt in to obtain the e-book, you’re sent a sales pitch page where you are treated to fake screen shots of enormous quantities of money that are being generated in commissions. And when that wasn’t enough, young sure you’ll be the subject of an interminable chain of testimonials. Pages upon pages of these testimonials!

To circumvent this I hit the ‘end’ button so that I can cut through the chase, and guess what: At the 1st end they will ask you to buy their product will cost you $97.00. You are also ‘warned’ that if tend not to order right away, you’ll end out of luck for your offer will be removed in a few a few hours.

By now I am wise and I hit the ‘mark spam’ button, otherwise you’ll be inundated by a tsunami of follow up e-mails.

Product reviews

Ah! What a deceptive web they weave. Cash blogs and site can provide reviews of products; most even give you ratings among competitors. Naturally, necessary the site is selling of course will include the highest rating. Beware of these kinds of reviews, for they are sales pages on cover.

Another chance at manage with an exit screen

Once determine you aren’t interested in parting with your hard-earned money for some insane product, what acquire is an ‘exit screen’ in which miraculously the is reduce from $97 to $47 as is really a favor to you. Yeah! Indian Adsense Account ! Preference attempt to seal this exit screen, a bit of find the ‘X’ or else the close button. This is really frustrating.

Having been tricked several times, I’m totally skeptical to all representations created in the Internet. The worst offenders are the predators that make money by exploiting the vulnerability of the latest comers in the Web. New people who honestly for you to earn take advantage an honest way. As P.T. Barnum said -a long time ago-“There is a sucker born every minute, in this excellent country of ours.”

Bad experiences

Watch out for sites that will renew your ‘subscription’ automatically even although you didn’t subscribe in the initial place. If you make payments through Paypal, it is recommended make sure the ‘Subscription’ section of the ‘History’ tab (in Paypal) is clear.

Always have a hard copy of any payment you’re making in the web so which prove you simply ordered something only once. Punch three holes and file this receipt in a 3-ring binder. Believe me-it will come handy in disputes.

‘Universities,’ ‘Institutes,’ gurus, or disguised scam artists and sites claiming that you’ll be rich after 6 months of following their instructions are really scams. You’ll pay for six months or longer and also won’t make a cent.

Who makes money and also?

The predators make bucks. People who go into affiliate marketing could develop a few sales here and there. Google Adsense could establish your site 1.30 cents a day. The best way honest people make financial resources are by building traffic within a long years.


These would be the signals that should make your raise your guard:

1. Screen shots with fictitious commissions and service fees.

2. Testimonials that always be there.

3. An alert of desperation.

4. Pictures or visuals of mansions, late model cars, and blue rich waters.

5. Pitches that provide the following words: secret, formula, keywords, powerful, surefire, and reveals.